Velocidi is an easier, faster way to analyze, measure, and improve marketing performance.

Velocidi is a marketing intelligence platform that automates the collection of all your marketing data and provides self-service tools to ingest, harmonize, analyze, and report your performance in a single connected narrative. Learn more about our rapid deployment, data source independence, high adoption rates, and why we’re confident Velocidi will be your marketing intelligence platform of choice.

Data Ingestion:
Connect Disparate Data

Marketing data is fragmented and dynamic. Sales data, brand data, customer data, and media data arrive in your queue every day. To truly create value from this information, you must be able to view it as one single source of truth.

Data Management:
Unify and Organize Data

Our platform harmonizes your disparate marketing data and unlocks its value by giving your team the power to easily edit the data without technology support or programming skills. This reduces and simplifies the work required to harmonize, map, cleanse, and reconcile unusable marketing data.

Reporting & Analysis:
Make and Communicate
Faster Decisions

Empower your team to explore your marketing data in depth, so they can see where diverse outputs intersect, create actionable reports, collaborate at scale, and arrive at insights crucial for optimizing media spend—and improving marketing performance. Our platform visualizes the patterns and relationships within your marketing data, enabling your team and partners to collaborate and create the story of your customer, brand, and marketing performance.

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