Velocidi is an easier, faster way to measure and analyze marketing performance.

Our modular solution can be configured easily to meet your specific challenges, and accommodate data from any source. Learn more about our rapid deployment, data source independence, configurability, scalability, and why we’re confident Velocidi will be your marketing intelligence platform of choice.

Data Unification:
Connect and Unite
Disparate Data

Marketing data is fragmented. Sales data, advertising data, brand metrics data, customer data, and media data arrive in your queue every day. In order to truly create value from this data, you must be able to view it as a connected narrative. Our platform harmonizes and unlocks the value hidden in all your disparate marketing data.

Visual Analytics:
Arrive At and Utilize
Critical Insights

Empower your team to explore your marketing data in depth, so they can see where diverse outputs intersect, create actionable reports, and arrive at insights crucial for optimizing media spend—and improving marketing performance. Our platform visualizes the patterns and relationships within your marketing data.

Insight Collaboration:
Make and Communicate
Faster Decisions

A single view of your marketing performance dramatically decreases the effort required to pull together reports, which frees up your team to validate insights with peers, and take quick action. Our platform enables your team and partners to collaborate, and create the story of your performance.

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