Velocidi gives you the power to harness real-time 1st-party data, and use it to run predictive models for improving customer lifetime value, churn rates, MROI, and more.

The Only Private Customer Data Platform

Think twice before sending your customer data into someone else’s SaaS environment.

Velocidi runs behind your firewall, deploying 1st party tags, so you have full ownership and control of your data. Additionally, we help protect your customers’ privacy with anonymized identifiers, so your data stays private even when activating segments on DSPs and other channels.

Your customers’ trust is the foundation of your business. Choosing a private solution ensures your ability to stay in control.


Collect real-time behavioral data from your website or online store, and combine it with data from all of your online and offline customer touch points. The Velocidi CDP gives you enterprise-level control with a ready to use interface for self-service data management and transformation. All of your omnichannel data is resolved into clean, persistent customer profiles.


Segment & Optimize

Compile highly detailed user profiles and create segments for targeting and personalization across channels. Use AI-powered predictive modeling to optimize retargeting. Improve conversion, retention rates, reduce cost per acquisition, boost CLV and increase marketing ROI.


Amplify your results and deploy your marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Improve customer interactions in real time and deliver the right message at precisely the right moment.


Launch to Live in 3 Effortless Steps

See ongoing improvements in your performance as the predictive models continue to learn from data collected.

See Velocidi in action.

Let us show you how our platform translates your data into growth.