Turn your marketing data into action with our Private Customer Data Platform.

Velocidi is the only private CDP that combines aggregate-level media data with real-time, event-level customer data, giving brands direct insight, and control of their omnichannel customer relationships.

Ensure ownership and control over your first party data and allow the use of third party data in a safe and closed environment. Armed with this level of control, you can begin to translate your marketing data into growth:

Decrease acquisition costs by as much as 50%

Increase channel marketing ROI by as much as 115%

Decrease time to conversion by as much as 36%

Based on data science firm leveraging Velocidi to improve marketing ROI for its customers.

Collect & Integrate

Your media and customer data from 100+ source types in one centralized location. The Velocidi customer data platform gives you enterprise-level control with a ready-to-use interface. So you (yes, you) have the power of self-service data transformation for all types of users.


Report & Optimize

We equip you with marketing specific visuals that are easily distributed across every level of your organization. Our always-on AI helps you understand the causal factors that are affecting your marketing outcomes, so that you can amplify what works.

Segment & Activate

Gather user profiles and turn them into audiences according to your needs. Then seamlessly target the most accurate audiences across every channel. Improving recommendations and retargeting in real-time.


Forrester x Velocidi

Study reveals marketing intelligence is the key to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and marketing ROI.

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