The CDP for a new wave of market disruptors

You don’t need to be a fully scaled out enterprise to have a killer in-house customer data platform.

Velocidi allows your in-house marketing team to easily extract and act upon valuable insights and predictions from your customer data. Minimize acquisition costs, boost retention, get an edge over Facebook with pre-segmented audiences, and more. And do it without introducing third-party tracking into your direct relationships.

Smart Segmentation Powered by Machine Learning

Improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns by predicting your customers’ behavior.

Velocidi allows you to use the power of predictive modeling to discover hidden insights within your data.

Discover which group of customers are more likely to buy within a given time, or the minimum discount rate that will lead them to convert. Predictions powered by machine learning will help you improve conversion rates and increase revenue.


Identifying Your Most Likely Buyers

Check out our new machine learning use case, based on results from a DTC client.

The Only Private Customer Data Platform

Protecting your customers’ trust has never been more relevant. That’s why Velocidi is uniquely designed to ensure data privacy.

The platform is hosted within your own infrastructure, just like an in-house solution. Its tracking tags are served under your own domain. System admin and maintenance are managed by Velocidi, but you are the sole owner and processor of your data.

Your customers’ trust is the foundation of your business. Choosing a private solution ensures your ability to stay in control.

Launch to Live in 3 Effortless Steps


Private CDP Installation

Get immediate visibility and access to granular real-time data collected.


Machine Learning enablement

Machine learning models identify new patterns and start detecting audience segments.


Start optimizing

Automatically begin to optimize targeting, ad spend, messaging, and more.

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Velocidi appoints Paulo Cunha CEO, secures $4.7M financing

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Velocidi February 28, 2019
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