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Capture and predict omnichannel customer behavior, drive conversions, improve retention, and increase revenue faster and smarter than anyone else.


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Velocidi ML models are specifically designed to impact key performance drivers for your business, including customer lifetime value, propensity to return, churn rates, product recommendations, and more.

Putting your customers first


Protecting customers’ trust has never been more relevant. The Velocidi CDP is designed to respect customer privacy, keep data secure, and support compliance with global privacy standards.


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Read our full FAQ to get the basics on Velocidi and customer data platforms.

What is a customer data platform (CDP)?

A customer data platform, or CDP, is a type of software that collects data from all your customer interactions into one place, and creates omnichannel customer profiles and audience segments from the combined data that can be shared back to external systems. Thus, facilitating a closed loop of omnichannel customer intelligence and experience orchestration.

You might think of it as a central, unifying data management and marketing orchestration hub at the center of your tech stack.

What is a 'private' customer data platform?

Most CDPs are offered as a SaaS (software as a service) product. Velocidi is offered as a licensed software that is installed in your own cloud infrastructure. It’s still managed and supported by Velocidi, but it behaves as if you had built it in-house, instead of like a third-party application. This way, you remain the sole owner controller of your data.

The advantages of removing a data management “middleman” in this way are numerous. It helps keep your data safer. It helps you protect data privacy and customer trust. It also makes you less affected by browsers’ cookie blockers and ad blockers since your 1st party tracking tags are served natively under your domain instead of a third party domain. 

What kind of company uses the private CDP

Velocidi is used by DTC and e-commerce brands large and small. A private CDP is an ideal solution for DTC brands looking to scale up their customer data management while keeping absolute ownership of their customer relationships. And it is a solution for brands looking to take greater ownership of their customer data relationships.


Customer Success


How we add value to your customer data

Data Unification

Connect Velocidi to disparate marketing systems or to a unified marketing cloud to feed machine learning models with your omnichannel customer data. Learn more →

Smart Segmentation

Machine learning models automatically create predictive attributes and attach them to each customer profile for segmentation.  Learn more →


Power a highly personalized, one-to-one message delivery strategy by activating your machine learning segments across your multi-channel campaigns. Learn more →


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