Easily activate segments on SSPs, DSPs or any ad platform you’d like. 

A central hub for omnichannel targeting

The Velocidi CDP makes activating campaigns an easy breezy operation by offering multiple integration strategies to fit any receiver.

Set up audiences and let our predictive models keep them updated in real time. Directly manage which audiences are available on all your marketing platforms. Orchestrate a consistent, omnichannel experience for your customers.


Activations that Fit Everyone

Velocidi makes activating customer segments and attributes the easiest part of the whole process by providing a multitude of strategies that cope with any data receiver. Be it through Pixels, JS activations, Webhooks or file drops, activating your segments is a no-brainer.

Campaigns in Real-Time

Audiences set up and activated through Velocidi remain dynamic and update in real-time. This means that you can target a user who just left your website with an email or campaign within seconds, and you can stop targeting a product ad at them as soon as they’ve purchased it.

Reach Existing and Future Customers

Re-engage current customers or target look-alike audiences resembling your best customers. Minimize churn rates, reactivate sleeping buyers, reduce ad waste and boost conversions.

Omnichannel to the bone

Velocidi connects your audiences to the platforms you need in any way you see fit, via pixel or a server-to-server basis. It also eases activation in real-time or in batch, so you can reach customers in the most effective way (for you and for them), across all channels.

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