See what happens when your media and customer data work together. 

Overcome data silos. Draw insights from disparate multichannel campaign data alongside real-time customer data without requiring the assistance of database administrators and analysts with specific technical expertise. Keep your all your data clean and reliable, and protected from third-party leakage in a private, secure deployment.

Here’s how.

Bring together all of your first, second, and third-party data into a user-friendly platform designed for knowledge workers and data scientists alike.

Create the most complete user profiles by safely connecting the dots between online users and offline records.

Seamlessly target the most accurate audiences across every channel, with Velocidi providing campaign recommendations in real-time.

Maintain data quality and manage consistency of KPIs, metrics, reporting standards, and taxonomies using our machine learning technology.

Your customer data stays safe and private. Activate your custom audiences across media channels without fear of leaking information to third parties.

Get actionable insights immediately, so you are constantly equipped to translate your marketing data into growth.

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