A marketing intelligence platform that empowers brand managers with the insights and foresights to make better brand, media, and product decisions.

Making important decisions with confidence is challenging. The data you need comes from many places: agencies, operations, finance, marketing platforms, and market research/analytics. Joining this data for analysis requires database administrators and analysts to gather and analyze that data using many different tools. The resulting data analysis is time consuming, cumbersome, and potentially untrustworthy.

Velocidi solves this. Here’s how.

We bring together all of your brand, media, and product data into a single platform.

Our platform can be easily configured to amplify the value of your current data, team, and tools.

Our platform enables the development and manages consistency in KPIs, metrics, reporting standards, taxonomies, and nomenclatures.

We help manage disruptions by bringing both the marketing intelligence technology and the marketing intelligence processes necessary to get to actionable insights faster.

We enable your team and agency partners to collaborate and create the story of your performance and strategy.

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