Perfect data management begins with flawless data collection and seamless data integration. Velocidi makes this easy, and makes it happen in real-time, so nothing keeps you from using your data as soon as you collect it. 

Gather all your data at the click of the button, then swiftly sort it

Our tool seamlessly welcomes 100+ data source types. From giants like Facebook, Twitter or AdWords, to the customer data you collect from email, mobile apps, POS, call centers, and others.

Our ready-to-use interface gives you the ability to harmonize, map, cleanse, and reconcile disparate and messy marketing data sources. All without the need for tech support.

Connect via API, SFTP, or Excel Upload

Velocidi features pre-built connectors to marketing data sources for data integration via available APIs. As new marketing channels emerge, the list grows. If a source you need doesn’t offer an API, don’t worry, our flexible data ingestion tool can import reports delivered via SFTP regardless of format. Velocidi also allows analysts to upload less standard data sources in spreadsheets directly into the platform.

Identify patterns and distributions while getting quality alerts.

See an overview of your data as soon as you ingest it and continuously receive recommended calculations and data quality actions. Visualize the daily distribution of any metric by any analysis dimension over time and quickly understand outliers and broader patterns beyond a statistic, such as an average.

Easily Extract Data

Getting data out of Velocidi is as easy as getting it in. Whether you want to feed other visualization or analysis tools, power econometric models, or populate an enterprise data warehouse, you can download any slice of data you like (or all of it) and export it as an .xls or .csv file. Plus, Velocidi stores your original files as they were received, so adjustments and data fixes are non-destructive.

Increase impact and identify new paths to explore.

Understand the prevalence and distribution of your analysis dimensions so that you can understand where to explore more deeply. See what matters, and why, so that you can make recommendations to improve marketing performance.