Real-time 1st-party data collection seamlessly integrated into one system and ready to go. 

Online and offline data combined into one unified view of the customer journey.

Stream customer data from any source controlled by you, be it email, mobile apps, POS, call centers and others.

Our ready-to-use interface imports your CRM data and gives you the ability to perform complex data management work without the need for tech support.

Velocidi - Collect

Velocidi_CDP_Data_Extraction Real-time 1st-Party Data

Velocidi’s 1st-party tag is available under your own domain, which gives you absolute ownership and control over your data.

Once deployed on your website, you can immediately begin to collect real-time customer event-level data.

Velocidi_CDP__Recommendations Identity Resolution

Match 1st-party identifiers with campaign cookies and CRM data to create the most complete and accurate customer profiles.

Combine behavioral, transactional, mobile and other types of to track every customer touchpoint.

Velocidi_CDP_API_Integration Omnichannel Connectors

The Velocidi Private CDP features pre-built connectors to popular data sources via available APIs. If a source you need doesn’t offer an API our flexible data ingestion tool allows you to import reports delivered via SFTP, regardless of format. Velocidi also allows analysts to upload less standard data sources in spreadsheets directly into the CDP platform.

Velocidi_CDP_Alerts Data Quality Monitoring

See an overview of your data as soon as you ingest it and continuously receive recommended calculations and data quality actions. Visualize the daily distribution of any metric by any analysis dimension over time and quickly understand outliers and broader patterns.

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