Data Privacy



You Are Accountable

The GDPR is setting the tone for a new way of dealing with customer data because companies are now fully accountable for what they do with it.

Many times, customer data means people’s locations, payment information, demographics. And with the ever increasing number of data sources and overall users, this means a lot of information from a lot of places about really sensitive matters on a lot of people.

With Velocidi you get the full picture of all your data. It lets you make fully knowledgeable decisions and act upon them as soon as needed. It also allows for a completely transparent way of dealing with your data – no hidden figures, no middlemen – and complete transparency is the clearest, most actionable data privacy procedure.

You Are In Charge

Resorting to middlemen increases your chances of data leakage. By putting the whole platform in your hands, we aren’t just giving you the tools to manage the data in-house, we are also making sure that your data never leaves your premises unless you want it to.

With the Private Customer Data Platform, you get to keep the capabilities and ease of use of third-party providers while making your data safer.