Real-time data

The Velocidi Private Customer Data Platform tracks each and every visitor’s shopping behavior on your site and mobile app. We enable you to fully understand visitors’ intent and instantly respond with product recommendations and timely promotions or messages. Plus, our predictive analytics and machine learning technology helps you to optimize conversion rates across all your marketing channels.

Predict & Recommend

Use our machine learning algorithms to predict the Customer Lifetime Value of your customers and optimize your marketing around it.


Empower your analysts

Velocidi gives you centralized access and visibility into event-level data from your website, mobile app, CRM, call center, inventory, and more. No more chasing IT. No more conflicting reports due to different sources or data lag. Just an accurate, holistic view.

Boost campaign effectiveness

Gain visibility into how omnichannel campaigns are contributing to real business outcomes. See which campaigns are converting and which ones are not, and divert your marketing spend to the campaigns that are performing right now.

Attract and retain customers

Get an accurate view of your new and existing customers, as well as, the channels and campaigns that drive customer retention and acquisition, and optimize accordingly.

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