The Velocidi Growth Journey

Let us be your guide

If you’re looking to adopt a CDP but aren’t sure how to tackle a potentially laborious implementation process, or how you’re going to evaluate success, put your mind at ease. Velocidi keeps things simple and supports your implementation process through something we call the “Velocidi Growth Journey.”

The Velocidi Growth Journey rolls out specific goal-oriented use cases one at a time, powered by our machine-learning models, minimizing disruption and maximizing results. It’ll feel just like business as usual, but better.

Chart your own path

Check out how Velocidi helps each marketing channel improve performance with automatic audience segments designed to drive growth.

For Email Teams

For Search Teams

For Social and Display Teams

Taking it One Win At a Time

Each of our machine-learning solutions is tailored to a specific marketing outcome.


Likelihood to buy

Maximize conversion rates and ROAS by Identifying which of your customers are most likely to convert, and which ones never will.

All it takes is a simple site tag and integrations with your marketing platforms.


Lookalike Seeds

Attract high-value, loyal customers with audiences designed for lookalike campaigns.


Next Purchase Predictions, Email Engagement Predictions

Add an integration with your email provider and start super-charging your retention and re-engagement campaigns.

Our models predict when each individual customer is most likely to be in the market for their next purchase, and when they are most likely to engage with your emails.

CLV Attribution

Predictive Lifetime Value, CLV Attribution

In this step, our models predict the lifetime value of each customer and generate multi-touch attribution reports that show which channels are producing the strongest long-term revenue.

And beyond...

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