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Brands typically start with our retargeting solution because it takes almost no effort to implement and creates a big impact.

Our Likelihood to Buy model for retargeting uses behavior and intent data to identify customers who are most likely to make a purchase in the near future.


Create segments that isolate “likely buyers”

This machine-learning model quickly detects patterns in your online customer behavior that indicate when a customer is likely to convert, and applies a dynamic attribute to each customer profile. Using this model, you are able to create audience segments that isolate your “likely buyers” so you only spend retargeting budget where it will make a difference.


Save Money

Cut wasted ad spend by narrowing your retargeting audience to only your most likely customers.


Make Money

Ensure that more of your customers reach the final conversion point by serving more targeted, relevant messages to them.


Get Results

See clear improvements to conversion rates and sales within weeks.


Identifying Your Most Likely Buyers

Check out our new machine learning use case based on real results from a DTC client and discover how Velocidi created a segment holding 95.6% of actual buyers within a group that has only a third of the total visitors of their website.

Velocidi Case Study Retargeting

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