Connect every data source, integrate every channel.

Unify your tech stack

57% of marketers say “integrating disparate systems” is the most challenging aspect of martech success.* That’s why integration capabilities are a core requirement of any CDP.

With built-in integrations as well as universal connectors, Velocidi can integrate with almost any advertising or marketing platform you can think of. To integrate customer data from all your marketing channels, systems, and technologies, and create clean, omnichannel audiences, get in contact with us today.

Customer Data & CRM

Connect your CRM, e-commerce, and other systems to create a single, enriched view of each customer within your CDP.

Advertising, Email Marketing, & Personalization

Integrate with your advertising and message delivery platforms to apply dynamic, machine-learning audiences to multi-channel campaigns.


Diver deeper into your customer data by integrating with your analytics and measurement tools. Augment your customer profiles and super-charge your segments by importing analytical data back into the CDP.

Universal connectors

Nothing is beyond reach

A tech stack is ever-changing. As you adopt new tools, drop old ones, change processes, you’ll need a CDP that can adapt.

Velocidi’s private CDP uses universal connectors to be compatible with anything. Using javascript, webhooks, APIs, CSV uploads, or data dumps, we guarantee we will find a way to connect your CDP to any system you need.

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Web Hooks
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Javascript Tags
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File Uploads