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E-goi’s API Key:

It’s strongly recommended to create a new and dedicated API Key, exclusive to connect Velocidi with E-goi:

  1. Go to integrations’ dashboard and select Add Another Key
  2. Confirm the API Key has the proper permissions:
    • Attach tag to contact
    • Detach tag from contact
    • Get all contacts
    • Get all tags
    • Create tag
    • Get my account info
  3. Name the API Key to refer it to Velocidi:

E-goi’s Customer List ID:

To import the E-goi’s contacts, it’s necessary to determine which list of contacts to sync with. It’s recommended to select the broader list, so it will be easier to tag the majority of the contacts.

  1. Go to E-goi’s lists dashboard and choose the ID. The List ID is the numeric ID before its title, circled below in green:

Importing Contacts from E-goi to Velocidi

Once you have the API Key created and the List ID is chosen, it’s time to set up the integration on Velocidi.

  1. Enter your Velocidi’s Dashboard and go to Collect > Data Imports, on the left side menu:
  2. Once you enter the Data Imports section, select the button to create a new data import, so you can sync the contacts list with Velocidi.
  3. By default, the Customer Data import is selected. On the Import Schedule section, mark the Schedule checkbox, select the period to update the contacts and name the Import:

Sync the contacts is important to make your list always updated, adding the new contacts and excluding unsubscribers.

Schedule Best Practices:

  • If you have a list of contacts bigger than 100k, please use weekly updates
  • Avoid selecting a period that converges with the same days you send your campaigns
  1. On the Import Source section, select “E-goi Contacts” from the Source Type’s dropdown menu and input the API Key and List ID, gathered from E-goi, on its respective fields:
  2. On Other Configurations settings, keep the Merge Attribute Strategy as “Merge” and click on to start the process:

Note: the “merge” strategy is what defines that the list is updated, instead of creating a new one and keeping outdated contacts

Connecting E-goi with Velocidi

With the contacts synced with Velocidi, you can now create the destination to allow the audiences to be sent and used on E-goi:

  1. On Velocidi, go to Activate > Destinations section, on the left side menu:
  2. Click on the button. The integrations options will show, then select the E-goi integration:
  3. Enter the API Key and List ID on its respective fields, and click on :
  4. After the API Key connects both platforms and the List ID is identified, on the Data Mapping section, name and select at least one segment to send as a tag to E-goi:

Note: it’s important to select one segment to move forward with the integration. The segments added here will appear on E-goi as “tags” on the contacts that belong to each segment.

  1. On the Destination Settings section, name the destination to identify it and select the trigger that belongs to E-goi. Then, click on and the tags are ready to be sent and used on your campaigns:

If you have any questions about these instructions, please submit them to support@velocidi.com or send them to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Thank you!

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