Look into your future...

…or at least your customer’s future.

Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a machine learning model that gives you an estimate of what each customer’s lifetime value most likely will be, based on their behavior and purchases.


Create segments with predictive CLV

The model is trained to follow the same basic RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) formula as a standard CLV calculations. The difference is it doesn’t need a year’s worth of historical data, and it updates each customer’s CLV prediction with every new interaction.

When creating audience segments with predictive CLV, you can choose a defined time frame such as “customers who will spend $XX within the next 3 months” to isolate customers with high value in the near term. Or you can target customers with low CLV predictions to give them a better experience and nurture the relationship.



Know which customers need extra attention to retain their business.



Know whether your retention campaigns are increasing overall CLV


Increase revenue

Optimize campaigns, messaging and interactions to keep your customers coming back.

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