Machine Learning for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Get Smarter About Customer Data

Direct-To-Consumer businesses have forever changed the brand-consumer relationship. Two-thirds of consumers now expect to be able to connect directly with brands.

As a result, new DTC brands are popping up constantly and the competition for market share, consumer attention, and digital ad space continues to heat up.

Velocidi helps you break through an increasingly crowded market with in-house machine learning capabilities rivaling any enterprise.

Applications for smarter marketing and faster growth

Velocidi provides machine learning solutions to bridge the data skills gap in marketing. We make it easy for your team to drive rapid growth.

Maximize Conversions

Likelihood to buy

Identify which of your customers are most likely to convert, and which ones never will. Maximize conversion rates and ROAS.


Get an intelligent assessment of which marketing channels have the most impact. Put your money where it matters most.

Prospecting Campaigns Recommender

Bring customer acquisition costs (CAC) down with predictive segments generated from multi-dimensional parameters for high-performing prospecting campaigns.

Improve Retention

Email engagement predictor

Keep engagement and deliverability rates up with predictions for individual customer interactions. Don't let your emails end up in spam folders.

Churn Probability

Predict when your customers are likely to drop off and win them back with preemptive offers or support.

Increase Revenue

Predictive CLV

Increase revenue per customer by knowing which customers to reward for their loyalty, and which customers to nurture for better retention.

Propensity to return goods

Take preemptive action to support a customer's decision-making process. Reduce the likelihood of returns and make your customers feel taken care of.

Predicted purchase value

Understand each customer’s base spending threshold to tailor product recommendations and upsell/cross-sell offers.


Identifying Your Most Likely Buyers

Check out our new machine learning use case based on real results from a DTC client and discover how Velocidi created a segment holding 95.6% of actual buyers within a group that has only a third of the total visitors of their website.

Start growing your brand now

Get a demo and learn how Velocidi makes machine learning accessible to DTC brands and eliminates guess-work from marketing.