Find your people

The Smart Lookalike Segments model uses customer interaction and purchase data to recommend multi-dimensional audience segments to use in prospecting campaigns.


Detect similar groups of people

Ever wonder what parameters exactly are being used to determine your “lookalike” audiences on third-party platforms?

Our segment recommendations are the transparent version of lookalike audiences. A machine learning model is used to detect similar groups of people using attributes available on most ad platforms, such as locations, demographics, and devices.

Aside from the segment parameters, you’ll also see what percent of your customer base each audience represents, and how well we predict each segment will perform. This will help you decide how much budget to invest in each audience. All you need to do is apply those audience parameters to your campaigns and see how they work.



Without lifting a finger you get automatic insight into the audiences that are resonating with your brand the most.



Know the exact segment parameters, and how each audience is predicted to perform.



Spend less time guessing, more time testing and getting results.

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