Online or Offline

Be it from CRM, desktop, mobile or any other source you’d like, online or offline, the Velocidi Private CDP lets you collect as much data as you like, in your own private instance. Frictionless integration with any existing marketing cloud instances.

Enrich & Segment

The Most Complete User Profile

Data onboarding
Intersect the common denominators to safely connect the dots between online users and offline records, thus creating the most complete user profile.

Gather your profiles and turn them into audiences according to your needs thanks to the Velocidi Private DMP’s flexible segmentation feature.


Accurate Audiences

You can now seamlessly target the most accurate audiences across every channel. The Velocidi Private DMP improves recommendations and retargeting in real-time.

Analytics & Visualization

Make & Communicate Faster Decisions

Visualize the patterns and relationships within your marketing data, enabling your team and partners to collaborate and create the story of your customer, brand, and marketing performance.

Your data, your audiences, your decisions,
under your control.
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Data-activated marketing based on a person’s real-time needs, interests, and behaviors represents an important part of your growth. It can boost total sales by 15 to 20 percent, and digital sales even more while significantly improving the ROI on marketing spend across marketing channels.


Data comes in various forms and from various sources: Think about it for a moment. You’ve got CRM for socio-demographic data and then you’ve ad impressions data coming from display and mobile. Then add your digital marketing interactions, and your e-mail marketing platform gathering opens and clicks. There has to be an easier way to make sense out of every single one of these interactions.


The Velocidi Private CDP can help with that. It is the easy, holistic way to concentrate all your resources in the same place and make them communicate so you can track each customer from every source. And now that you have the most complete customer profile possible, you can reach them in the most complete, accurate and profitable way.

Predict & Recommend

Use our machine learning algorithms to predict the Customer Lifetime Value of your users and
to optimize your marketing recommendations around it.

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