The Private DMP runs single-tenant on your premises, under your domain, with nothing shared with anyone else. Your data, your terms, your power.


Collect and activate user information from every possible source, online or offline, with various ready-to-use tags and identifiers for Mobile and Desktop, E-mail, Display and Search ads, Web, E-commerce or Social.


With its micro-services architecture, well-documented APIs and single-tenant deployment, the Velocidi Private DMP is probably the most flexible in the market today.


With the Private DMP, everything works in real-time. A new event collected or CRM profile on-boarded is reported and ready to use within seconds, not hours or days.


Easily bring in your existing CRM data with the Private DMP’s advanced user id management, that gathers the breadcrumbs your customer leaves on each contact source and creates the most accurate profile.


The Private DMP was built to support multiple machine learning algorithms and it even comes with a managed Spark Cluster for your data scientists to run custom models at scale.

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