Quickly generate accurate, dynamic reports and empower your marketing performance with spot-on, machine learning driven insights. 

Data visualization made easy, with automatic insights powered by machine learning.

Velocidi gives users the power to visualize, analyze, and report on live marketing data in a collaborative interface. Plus, the platform’s machine learning capabilities automatically surface the analysis dimensions that are driving performance, so that you can more quickly make recommendations to improve.

Drag and drop visualizations

How you present marketing results greatly affects whether your audience can intuitively translate insights into action. Our reporting and analysis module provides an extensive visualization library that enables you to transform data into visual stories that are meaningful for marketers.

The most complete Data Storytelling Platform

Velocidi gives you everything you need to tell it your way. Embed images and video. Use rich-text blocks to add commentary and highlight key points. Insert presentations so your viewers can click through to the creative brief. Velocidi is a canvas for you to tell the story of your brand’s performance.

Machine learning and AI

In any campaign or marketing initiative, there are 100s or even 1,000s of variables and combinations of variables that matter. If you consider a simple 4 week campaign, we estimate there are easily 100,000 to 100 million combinations of factors to consider. Velocidi’s Impact and Lifecycle solutions compare all of these factors and identify those that matter most in just a few minutes.

Enterprise level permissions

A single view of your marketing performance dramatically frees up your team to validate insights with peers and take quick action. Our platform enables your team and partners to collaborate, so you can make and communicate faster decisions. On top of this, Velocidi lets you build custom, flexible permission schemes. Grant access by role, country, region, market—anything you can think of.