¬†Segment audiences at will and activate them to SSPs, DSPs or any platform you’d like.

Create tailored audiences with the most refined data and seamlessly target across channels.

Gathering media and customer data in the same place allows you to create the most exhaustive user profiles you can ask for.

Our platform then makes the data you collected available for audience segmentation and provides recommendations to improve retargeting in real-time.

Built for scale

Our flexible segment creation interface is as encyclopedic as you want it to be. Our platform was built to welcome whatever humongous amount of data you want. That ultimately means that the more data you input, the more refined your final audiences get. Exactly what attributes you want to define is completely up to you – it’s your data, hence it’s also your decision.

Ready for real-time

At Velocidi, we actually mean real-time when we say it. Your data is available for use within seconds, not minutes or hours. The more data you input, the more refined your final audiences get. That means you won’t have time to grab a quick coffee before you get to segment the data you just uploaded.

Efficient customer segments

Use the segments to address current customers or create lookalike models to reach new prospects that resemble your best customers. Minimize churn rates, reactivate sleeping buyers, reduce ad waste, and create new lines of work.

Omnichannel to the bone

Your customers spend time in so many different channels it is burdensome just to think of reaching them.
With this is mind, Velocidi connects you to the platforms you need in any way you see fit, in pixel- or a server-to-server basis. It also facilitates activation in real-time or in batch, so you can reach customers in the most effective way (for you and for them).