Segment & Optimize

 Create highly detailed segments and reach the right customers at the right time, with the right message. 

Create tailored audiences with the most refined data and optimize results.

Gathering media and customer data in the same place allows you to create the most exhaustible user profiles you can ask for.

Our platform then makes the data you collected available for audience segmentation and to automatically optimize customer interactions through our AI-powered predictive modelling tools.


Built for Scale

The Velocidi CDP gives you access to a humongous amount of granular data. That gives you almost infinite flexibility for defining custom attributes for segmentation. The more data you have, the more refined your audience segments can get.

Ready for real-time

At Velocidi, we actually mean real-time when we say it. Your data is available for use within seconds, not minutes or hours. The more data you input, the more refined your final audiences get. That means you won’t have time to grab a quick coffee before you get to segment the data you just uploaded.

Unlimited Segmentation Possibilities

Create customer segments and look-alike models based on demographics, location, transactions, behavior and others. You have all the data you need to create whatever segments you can think of. You are limited only by your imagination.

Increase ROI with AI-Powered Predictions

Know what your customers want, when they want it, how they want it. Use AI to maximize conversions by predicting your customers CLV and recommending the right products at the right time. Automatically identify the customers that need free shipping or discount offers in order to convert.

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