Smart Segmentation

Take the guess-work out of customer behavior

Use Velocidi’s machine learning models to create customer segments based on predictive attributes. Customer attributes are generated in real time as each customer interacts with your online store and advertising messages. 

With built-in A/B testing and lift reports, you can constantly experiment and improve your segmentation strategy to increase conversion and retention rates, reduce cost per acquisition, boost CLV and increase your marketing ROI

Velocidi also supports the creation of standard customer segments based on historical behavior.

Self-Serve Segments

Use attributes generated from customer behavior data to segment customers any way you can imagine.

If your CDP doesn’t have an attribute you need, you have almost infinite flexibility to define custom attributes at will.

Automated Segments

Get a head start with automatically generated audience segments, ready to use in the platform.

Machine-learning algorithms automatically segment users based on where they are in the customer journey, and how likely they are to convert.

A/B Testing

Take all guesswork out of your segmentation strategy and get proof of your performance.

You can test own custom segments, and those that are automatically created. And you can test channel activations against each other.

Lift Reports

Keep transparent view of how your CDP and your segmentation strategy are impacting your business.

No manual data crunching required, just choose an existing experiment, and click to generate a complete performance dashboard.

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