Open positions

Demand Generation Specialist

Remote - US or Portugal

Velocidi is looking for a Demand Generation Specialist to join our marketing team and help create programs that attract and nurture leads to fuel our sales pipeline and drive company growth

Performance Marketing Specialist (Customer Success)

Remote - Portugal

Velocidi is looking for a Performance Marketing Specialist to join our Customer Success team and help our clients use audiences from our product to drive growth through paid marketing across social, display, and search.

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About Velocidi

Velocidi is an award-winning customer data platform (CDP) company specializing in fashion e-commerce. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Porto, Portugal. We deliver machine learning solutions to maximize revenue from marketing and accelerate growth. Velocidi is used by brands to automatically collect and unify 1st-party customer data, leverage machine learning to predict customer behavior, and seamlessly activate audience segments on advertising platforms.

Our team consists of experts and enthusiasts in data, analytics, AI, marketing, and media. Our mission is to help brands protect and nurture their greatest asset: their first-degree customer relationships.

Velocidi Team

Life at Velocidi

We are an agile company operating in a dynamic landscape. Working in a rapidly-growing international market can be demanding, so we actively promote and encourage work-life balance for all team members.

We offer flexible hours and a work-from-home-whenever policy so that you can manage your time as it best suits you. We foster team camaraderie with team lunches and occasional outings. We have a dog-friendly office space and a strict “No assholes” policy. We trust and respect our teammates, clients, and partners. And we support and challenge each other to achieve excellence through collaboration and open communication across departments.

Start growing your brand with Velocidi

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