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Greater control over search targeting

Increase search campaign ROAS by identifying the buyer journey status of each user. Velocidi provides automatic audiences segmenting customers who are more likely to convert in a given time frame so you can make informed decisions about bidding and promotions.

Audiences capturing your high-value customers made available as seeds for Google Similar Audiences

Improve Prospecting and Average Order Value

MVP and High-Spending Customers

MVP and High-Spending Customers

Increase your average order value from search campaigns using a better seed list for Similar Audiences: your highest spending customers, automatically identified and synced to Google as they browse the site.

Audiences predicting buyer intent levels ready to activate in your retargeting campaigns. Improve sales, return on ad spend, and cost per acquisition by cutting out non-converters and driving more ‘on-the-fence’ customers in the finish line.

Adjust bid levels according to customer intent

Active Potential Converters

Active Potential Converters

Increase sales and ROAS by applying Velocidi audiences to your search campaigns and adjusting bids according to how close your customers are to converting.

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