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Email with an Edge

Emails are like the modern-day equivalent to getting catalogs in the mail. Except we send way more of them, and we know exactly how many are sadly ignored or sent to spam.

Use Velocidi audiences to get hyper-strategic about the timing of your messaging and discount offers. And use our built-in attribution to make sure your emails are given the credit they deserve for every conversion.

Predictive audiences capturing each customer who is likely to be in-market for their next purchase. Drive repeat purchases by keeping messages timely and relevant for each individual customer.

Improve Retention and Reduce Churn

Next Predicted Purchase within Two Weeks

Next Predicted Purchase within Two Weeks

Win repeat purchases from previous converters by timing your messaging to meet their needs.

Purchase Overdue

Get strategic and hyper-targeted with your offers and discounts and use them to win back customers who are on the brink of churning.

Even when it feels like a last-ditch effort, retaining current customers is still more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, especially with digital advertising costs rising.

Win Back Lapsed Customers

Churned Customers

Churned Customers

An RFM audience segment of your customers with the lowest Recency scores. Use this segment to send offers and win back churned customers.

Most Velocidi audiences are channel-agnostic. But some audiences, like this one, only apply to email.

Boost Open and Click Rates

High Email Engagement

High Email Engagement

A machine-learning audience predicting which customers are most likely to engage with emails in the near future. Use this audience to improve email engagement rates and keep your sender rating healthy.


Give Email Its Due

Don’t let organic search and direct traffic steal your spotlight. Velocidi captures multi-device customer journeys and uses machine-learning to decipher when an email delivery can be credited for the start of a direct traffic session, and more.

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